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Monthly Archives: April 2007

The Pope and the Environment

It’s just wonderful seeing religion starting to realize that the environment is worth protecting. It makes sense to me. If our world is indeed a gift from God (any God), do we think he means for us to exploit it to its ruin? Or should we make the most of it more respectfully?

Pope Benedict XVI is the most recent religious leader to call for the protection of the environment. This truly is encouraging, even though some others groups take it as a matter of faith that global warming is a part of God’s plan. For the Christian groups that say so, I don’t quite see how they get that.

The Holy Father invited everyone to adopt “a way of living, models of production and consumption marked by respect for creation and the need for sustainable development of peoples, keeping in mind the universal distribution of goods, as is so often mentioned in the Church’s social doctrine.”

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Kohl’s Going Solar in California

ShareThis is a really interesting idea for businesses with large rooftops. Just perfect for them. Kohl’s is converting 24 of their 80 stores in California immediately, and trying to get permits to convert 40 more. They have contracted with Sun Edison to help them with the conversion. I wonder if other companies will follow suit,… Continue Reading

Downshifting Week

Share Well, we’ve just gotten past Earth Day, and now it is Downshifting Week. It’s a time to take a look at how you can simplify your life and enjoy it more. As a parent, being with my children is important to me. That’s why I work at home, but that same business can take… Continue Reading