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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Will Desalinization Come Soon to Southern California?

ShareDesalinization can be a tough topic. On the one hand I love the thought of a drought-proof source of water for the region I live in. On the other… well, it’s a bit rough around the edges so far, environmentally speaking. A desalinization plant is pretty much approved for construction in Carlsbad, CA. They just… Continue Reading

Wind Turbines Kill Bats?

ShareI just came across this story on Discovery. It seems that the air pressure drop caused by wind turbines is sufficient to cause the lungs of bats to pretty much blow up. That just amazes me. You just never know what impacts you will cause when you’re trying to do right. I would imagine this… Continue Reading

Guest Post: Saving the Planet, One Diaper at a Time

ShareBy Alan Greene, M.D. www.drgreene.com As a father and pediatrician, I’ve changed many diapers—enough to teach me that diapers are a daily reminder that as humans we deplete resources as we consume, and we make messes with our waste. Those landfill diapers that are so easily tossed into the trash are clearly a major ecological… Continue Reading

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