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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Do Your Kids Swim?

Just a quick note today that you may want to check out the post I did yesterday on my Home with the Kids site on putting kids in swimming lessons.

I’ll repost our family’s basic pool rules here:

Rule #1: Children are not allowed in the pool without an adult. Not even a toe or fingertip.

Rule #2: Children will obey the adults supervising them in the pool.

Rule #3: There will always be at least one adult whose sole job is to watch the kids in the pool. One adult per child is better, with each adult assigned to a particular child.

Rule #4: Children will obey their swimming instructors during swimming class.

Rule #5: No running near the pool.

My kids know that if they break a pool rule, they will not be allowed to go swimming the rest of that day and likely not the next time everyone else goes swimming.

Eco-Friendly Sites Your Kids May Enjoy

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