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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Hyland’s Teething Tablets Recalled – Should You Be Concerned?

Hyland’s Teething Tablets have been recalled due to inconsistent levels of belladonna in them. The FDA states that there have been reports of serious adverse effects due to these inconsistent levels, as belladonna can be highly toxic.

This is one of those recalls I almost hate to see. I used Hyland’s Teething Tablets with great success on two of my children – the youngest didn’t react in any way to them. No comfort, no bad reactions either. They were such a blessing with my two oldest that it was hard to recognize that for my youngest they would not be the solution to teething pain.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets have been used safely for decades. Are the inconsistent levels really a problem, or is the FDA being really picky?

Personally, I’d like to see consistent levels, especially with the reports of adverse effects. The amount of belladonna is incredibly small, and I find it hard to imagine that there’s enough to cause harmful effects, but if there are some, we need to be aware of that fact.

Of course, we also need to remember that acetaminophen and ibuprofen can have adverse effects too. It’s not like the usual OTC medications are 100% safe or anything.

I know not all doctors approve of Hyland’s. I remember mentioning them to my pediatrician when my son was an infant. His response was along the lines of, “well, you could give him the whole bottle and not hurt him,” and an implication that it wouldn’t do any good either.

It’s also a good time to remember that all medications need to be kept out of reach of children. Hyland’s Teething Tablets don’t have a childproof lid. That’s nice when you’re trying to deal with a fussy baby in the middle of the night, but makes it all the more important that you keep those medications safely out of their reach.

If you have Hyland’s Teething Tablets on hand, take a look at this recall and either dispose or return any you have right now. It’s better to be safe.

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