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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Things to Do for Earth Day

Earth Day can be a bit of a challenging holiday to celebrate. It’s about doing better for the planet, but figuring out a way to do so isn’t always easy. It’s a day to keep things simple but at the same time a day to consider how you can have a positive impact. Here are some basic ideas you can do to celebrate.

1. Don’t go shopping.

Sure, there are all sorts of “eco friendly” products you could be buying, but do you really need them? Especially if they’re being advertised as a way to celebrate Earth Day, take another look at whether or not they’re really worthwhile. Anything you buy in honor of Earth Day should be something you absolutely need, not just something you like that sounds kind of eco friendly. Your purchases should absolutely not be in honor of Earth Day – they should be necessary.

2. Don’t drive.

Consider your other options instead. Can you walk, bike or take public transportation?

If you must go somewhere by car, see if there’s any way to make it into a carpool. I know many people have to get to work every day, and other options aren’t always realistic.

3. Volunteer.

You can do a lot for the planet and for people in need. Take just a bit of time out of your Earth Day or your weekend if you have to work today, and do something for a good cause.

If you can’t volunteer, pick a good cause and send in a donation.

4. Plant a tree, a garden, wildflowers.

Make the world a more attractive place by encouraging more green things to grow. It can be in your own backyard or someplace in your local area.

5. Help an entrepreneur through Kiva or other microloan sites.

These loans can help out entrepreneurs in developing countries. You can choose the project you’re funding. Microloans aren’t perfect, but they’re a way to help people get a business going in communities that need help.

6. Go meatless for the day or longer.

If there were ever a day to eat entirely vegetarian, Earth Day is the day. Skip the meat and try out some great new vegetarian or vegan meals. You might find some new favorites.

7. Clean out your closets.

Get rid of the clutter in your own life and donate it to charity. You’ll be glad to be rid of the excess.

8. Turn off the TV, computer, etc.

How little electricity can you use today? Give it a try and see how many other ways you can enjoy life. For best results, unplug everything that isn’t in use to cut out the phantom power load.

9. Get outside.

Enjoy some of the natural beauty of your area. It might be in your backyard, it might be a hike in a local park or nature reserve. Just get outside and remember why our planet is beautiful and worth helping.

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