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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Top Posts for 2012

Just going through my statistics here to find out what my most popular posts this year were. It’s interesting to see what people found interesting here.

Green Stay at Home Mom top posts 2012

36 Eco Friendly Quotes
I expected this one to be popular, people like quotes. It was fun locating relevant quotes and then designing the graphics.

13 Great Apps for Green Living
Another one that didn’t surprise me much. With the popularity of apps, sharing ones that help people be a little more eco friendly was a natural.

Is Citric Acid an Eco Friendly Cleaner?
Citric acid is a new favorite cleaner of mine. I don’t know that it’s perfect solution for eco friendly cleaning, but it’s really safe to use around the kids, and pretty effective.

6 Ways to Use Leftover Turkey
I’m actually pretty fond of leftover turkey. You can use it up so many ways, making it a very affordable meat.

Being a Green Soccer Mom
My son loves soccer. It’s great for getting kids out and exercising. The snacks for after games can be a little wasteful and unhealthy.

There’s HOW Much Arsenic in Rice??
Another interesting one to write. Rice can be fairly healthy, properly prepared (especially if you avoid white rice), but it has its problems too.

It’s Time For Back to School! Do You Have Green School Supplies?
Back to school shopping takes so much work. A little extra effort is required to make them a little more eco friendly while sticking to what the teacher says your child needs.

You Can Buy Happiness (and It’s Cheap!) Book Review
I was sent this book to review, and the post was fairly popular. I’d call that a good deal overall.

Eco Living During the Holidays

ShareWhile trying to be eco friendly is important throughout the year, it can be harder to remember during the holiday season. There are so many excuses to buy stuff you don’t need, and cut corners to make things easier, whether or not it’s a good choice for the environment. Being green isn’t at all impossible… Continue Reading

Ethical Products to Give For Christmas

ShareChristmas is a wonderful time to think of family and friends, but take the time to think about others. This isn’t just about what you buy, but who you buy it for. Here are some great ethical gifts to give for Christmas. Rethink What’s Needed A part of the problem with Christmas as most of… Continue Reading