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Monthly Archives: January 2013

An “Awwwww…” Moment – Dolphin Gets Help From Divers

I say this post on the Raw Story this weekend, and just had to share the video. A dolphin with a hook in its mouth and fishing line tangled around it approaches some divers and allows them to help it.

All in all, an amazing video and one very fortunate dolphin. Just remember that most of us are better off alerting the professionals if we see a dolphin or other aquatic mammal in need of help.

Eco Friendly Workout Gear

ShareMy husband and I joined a local gym recently. We had talked a few weeks before about keeping an eye out for an affordable gym membership, and it should surprise no one that this happened shortly after the new year began. What better time for a gym to entice new members than when resolutions are… Continue Reading

10 Popular Green Products

ShareOne of the most popular ways to go green is by shopping green. It’s perhaps not always done right, as people buy more than they need, but it’s usually better than ignoring the environmental impact of products altogether. Some kinds of products are more popular than others, of course. Today I want to take a… Continue Reading

Why Should We Be Eco Friendly?

ShareOne question I get asked some time goes along the lines of “why be eco friendly?” For some people, it seems like too much effort for too little reason. The reasons just aren’t apparent to everyone, even as others state that it’s obvious. The need to be eco friendly goes beyond whether or not humans… Continue Reading

Top 7 Green Cooking Tools

ShareThe kitchen is an important part of the home to take the environment into consideration. What you do there impacts your family as well as the environment. Your cooking tools are one part of that. Now, I’ll tell you right up front that I’m no fan of nonstick cookware as a general rule. There are… Continue Reading

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