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Sunday Links 1-11-09

How to cut out home heating oil–Japanese style – Pretty neat and what a way to encourage family time.

New Year, New Baby Week – Non-Toxic Nursery Paint – My own style has never included painting or serious redecorating of the nursery, but I know many people do. You can at least do your best to keep it nontoxic with these products.

Gardening With Kids – No doubt I’ll be posting on this too later in the year. My kids love to garden.

Greenwash Alert: The GreenWash Ball – Not a real surprise to me. It doesn’t do anything in particular that water doesn’t do on its own.

Green cooking with kids – six tips for teaching eco-skills in the kitchen – Kids love to help out in the kitchen. You can make it fun and encourage green habits at the same time. They’ll take to it quite naturally.

A little antidote to environmental overearnestness – Because we need a little humor sometimes too.

Green Eggs and Change: Five Reasons Why the Obamas Should Feature Sustainable Agriculture at the 2009 White House Egg Roll – I’d love to see this. All those lovely lawns… surely some can be spared for gardens.

Children, Christmas, and the Materialism Battle – Yes, children learn young how to be little consumers. This is why you want to teach them better.

Don’t flush cleaning wipes! – Or a lot of other things they say you can flush. Toilets and sewage systems really aren’t made to cope with them.

King Corn – A movie review – It’s amazing and disgusting how much corn has invaded the overall food supply.

Where To Find Green Jobs – A nice list for those looking for work.

Sunday Links 1-4-09

ShareHere’s your Sunday Links again. I was conserving my own energy last weekend, being rather exhausted from all the holiday events. 12 Health Warnings for Parents and Kids in 2008 – Did you miss any of these? Seven Green Time-Savers for Busy Families – Simple, yet effective for many families. Great if you’re still trying… Continue Reading

Sunday Links 12-21-08

ShareHoliday Gift Guide: Green Gifts That Don’t Cost A Cent – It’s still not too late to finish off those last few holiday gifts! KidTip: Little hands cut up old holiday cards for tags and decor – All those cards you get in the mail are great fun for the kids. Green the city, get… Continue Reading

Sunday Links 12-7-08

ShareWeatherproofing 101: Windows – This is something I need to look at, particularly for my son’s window. Always the coldest room in the house during the winter, and it’s an old casement window. 5 Simple Holiday Crafts to Decorate and Celebrate – Kids always love doing crafts. You may have done some of these during… Continue Reading

Sunday Links – 11-30-08

ShareStop Making Our Kids Sick; Make Chemicals Safe – It’s amazing to me that so few chemicals have actually be checked for safety. While we wait for proper testing, think more about homemade cleansers made from things you already have around the house. Most are really good at their jobs. Melamine in formula: Another round… Continue Reading

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