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Greener and Greener with Yahoo!

yahoo green plan

I love seeing companies make an effort towards going green. Yahoo has been impressing me lately, starting with their commitment towards being carbon neutral, and now their new Yahoo! Green site.

The new site emphasizes how easy it is to go green just a little bit. They aren’t asking for huge things right away. They have a walk through of a green home to give you ideas as to how you can save energy at home. They encourage people to make a plan to commit to using less energy. Continue Reading

Dream Gone Green

Share This carbon neutral thing is really taking off with online companies. DreamHost, who hosts some of my websites, including this one, has gone carbon neutral. They started this as of April 20, and they took a lot into consideration. In figuring their carbon production, they considered a great deal: It means we’ve calculated our… Continue Reading

Australian Website Hosting Company Goes Carbon Neutral

ShareI find the idea of going carbon neutral quite interesting. It’s certainly gaining in popularity. I just hope it’s doing as much as its proponents say. Webcity Web Hosting Australia has just gone carbon neutral, going through the Greenfleet program. Essentially, that means they’re having trees planted to completely offset the carbon production related to… Continue Reading

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