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Surprise, Surprise, the FDA Continues to Bury Its Head About BPA

I’m not really that surprised anymore when I read that the FDA is siding with industry rather than looking at all the data. The other day they announced yet again that they consider BPA completely safe.

Never mind the 100+ reports by government scientists and independent research labs clearly demonstrating otherwise. They trust the 2 industry reports that say everything is just fine.

About all I can do on this topic anymore is roll my eyes and hope that California does indeed pass a ban on its use in certain children’s products. It would be a start, you know?

Some people justify this as the FDA knowing which resources they can trust. Funny thing, I figured they might want to think about industry bias. Not like they don’t know it hasn’t been done before. I guess they haven’t learned anything at all from how things went with the tobacco industry.

The FDA seems to trust industry to monitor itself. That’s always gone over so very well, after all.

Personally, I’m getting more and more wary of big industry. BPA, gene mod foods, pesticides and even mortgages are showing that you cannot trust big business with people’s lives. The bottom line matters more to them.

And of course, I’m not the only blogger outraged about this:

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Edited to add:

Dangit! California rejected the ban!

3 Responses to Surprise, Surprise, the FDA Continues to Bury Its Head About BPA

  1. Once again the FDA has sold themselves to the highest bidder with total disregard to us. I am also not surprised and like you have developed mistrust for large industry who only seem to care about profits.

  2. I agree completely…he who makes the most money, makes the rules! It would be great to have some real regulation that wasn’t hushed by money or big business. The key is to get more people to care and demand better.

  3. I don’t trust BPA, either.

    Didn’t the FDA approve other chemicals that were later found to be harmful? Aspartame? Ephedrine??

    With all things, and obviously you agree, one must consider the source and determine whether or not they have something to lose or gain when publishing research findings…