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How to Recycle Cell Phone Batteries

I had a problem the other day. I realized that the battery on my cell phone was swelling. That’s not a good sign. Easy enough to notice, as suddenly the back of my cell phone was popping open constantly. So I bought a new cell phone battery, and all appears to be well. Except I’ve got this battery I know you aren’t supposed to throw in the trash, although most people do. So I decided to look up how to recycle cell phone batteries.

It’s really easy to find a place to recycle them, although not everyone will have a place that’s close. Many office stores take them. Same for many Radio Shack locations. But if you’re in doubt, sites such as Call2Recycle and 1-800-Recycling make this really easy. All I had to do was hand the battery over at the front counter.

This works for many kinds of electronic waste, in fact, not just batteries. Some electronics have a fee associated with their recycling, but other items are free to recycle. I know paying to do the right thing with old electronics isn’t much fun, but it’s important. Most electronics really don’t belong in the trash. In fact, a recycling fee may be collected in California at the time of sale of certain monitors, rather than at the time of recycling.

One Response to How to Recycle Cell Phone Batteries

  1. Oh my, that has never happened to me before. Who would have thought a cell phone battery could swell up and almost blow up, literally, in your face.

    As for recycling cell phone batteries, thank you for the websites. I would have thrown my old battery away.