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Joining an Organic Produce Buying Club

I’ve come up with my first goal for the One Small Change for this month. I came across it pretty much by coincidence. My husband happened to comment that one of his coworkers had sent him an email about an organic produce buying club he was in and really liked, and forwarded it to me.

They look really good, and as much as possible they buy from local organic farms. And it’s only $22 a week for this co-op, plus $10 per year. They pool the money to get organic foods at wholesale prices.

Eating local is always a great goal. We used to do pretty well at the old house in Poway with our garden some years. Moving in mid summer meant that this year we didn’t get that benefit.

Anyhow, I’m paying my money and the first pickup will be on Saturday. I’m looking forward to it.

7 Responses to Joining an Organic Produce Buying Club

  1. It really sounds good. My husband’s coworker who told him about it is certainly enthusiastic. And it’s a nice option to a CSA, which is the option I was most familiar with before.

  2. I love our organic produce group. In our group you can order whatever you want from the list once a week. I just got a friend to order with me, so does that count for my one small change next month?