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What’s the Right Sunscreen?

Despite the weather in my area today, it’s time to think about sunscreen. Summer is very close and many places already have hot weather.

On the other hand, we’ve gone from over 100 degrees F in my area on Monday to thunderstorms and flood watches starting yesterday.

I’ve been working on remembering to sunscreen my daughter each day before school. She tans beautifully, but I don’t want her getting too comfortable with that. In the long run it’s better that she wear sunscreen.

Many sunscreens, however, really aren’t that good for you. There are the usual concerns about endocrine disruptors. Whether or not you think they’re a problem, if you can avoid the whole issue by making the right purchase, why not? All that really matters in that case is that the product works well.

At least an SPF 15 should be worn if you’re going to be spending significant time outside. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are good ingredient choices. You can check a lot of sunscreens out at Skin Deep.

Here are some good brands:

Total Block
Some varieties of Alba (see Skin Deep for details)
California Baby
Aubrey Organics
Burts Bees

Not all of these can be found in the Skin Deep database, but most are made from all natural products. All natural does not guarantee safe, of course.

Another alternative is to wear clothing that helps to protect your skin from the sun. Regular clothing will do this, but if you need some extra protection you can shop for clothing that offers more than the usual UV protection.

Sunscreen is a habit you should build into your morning routine if you know you’re going to be in the sun more than a little. You don’t have to spend the day at the beach to damage your skin.

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