Is the Solution to Colony Collapse Disorder Getting Near?

It’s been a while since I’ve written about colony collapse disorder. It’s still out there, still a very scary thing, but I hadn’t seen much interesting news on it. But today I came across two stories on it and the work being done to solve it. For those unfamiliar with colony collapse disorder, it’s a […]

New Colony Collapse Disorder Theory

Just saw this one on my local news and had to look it up. A new theory on colony collapse disorder blames cell phones. It’s a fascinating idea, but one I really hope isn’t true. Just imagine how difficult it would be to fix this problem! This is one hypothesis that hasn’t been proven yet, […]

Time For Action on Clothianidin Pesticide

I’ve posted in the past about Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) in bees, but I haven’t paid much attention to the topic lately because I haven’t seen much going on. That said, it’s clearly still a problem when you take a look at the losses beekeepers are suffering in their colonies. That’s why beekeepers are petitioning […]

Bee Swarm!

I seem to be having interesting weekends right now. Last weekend we had snow, this weekend temperatures into the 90s F, plus we had a swarm of bees hanging out on a tree branch. I kept a close eye on the situation because welcome though they are, I didn’t want the bees thinking the eaves […]

Make Your Yard a Bee Friendly Space

Bees have been having trouble for a few years now, suffering from Colony Collapse Disorder, a disorder which has a name, but the cause is not yet understood. Possible causes include pesticides, varroa mites and poor nutrition due to a lack of variety in the plants they’re pollinating. You can do your part by making […]