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Canada Deems Bisphenol-A Toxic

I’m really not too surprised to see this happen, with everything that’s been said lately of Bisphenol-A. It’s also very encouraging. How often do you really see a government do something like this because they just want to take a precautionary step?

One could hope for more often.

It’s really encouraging that Nalgene has already agreed to stop using it, now we just need more companies saying enough is enough when it comes to risking our health on products that aren’t looking all that safe. It would be nice to have it out of those plastics we do use, and out of the linings of cans.

Out of baby products is particularly important to me, even though my own children are solidly beyond the baby bottle and pacifier phase and never used those much anyhow. Even Walmart is dumping bottles with BPA in them now.

It’s a sad truth of life that many companies have no problem ignoring their customer’s health when their profits are at stake. But profits are there to be had now by catering to more alert consumers.