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Time to Decide… Vitamix or Blendtec

It finally happened. I’ve thought before that my blender was dying, but now it’s gone and done it. My Vitamix container has cracked, and leaks onto the base of the machine, plus it is consistently making a burning smell as it runs, meaning I don’t think simply replacing the container will be good enough.

My husband and I have been eyeing new blenders for a while now. After having a Vitamix for so long, over 15 years on a guess, my husband had it back in college, he is completely unwilling to go to a lesser machine. These days the Vitamix isn’t the only game in town, so we’re considering whether a Blendtec or a Vitamix will be the new blender, once the budget permits.

They’re a bit expensive, after all, and we’re on a really tight budget. On the plus side, Christmas is near. Hello wish list! It’s nice to have something so extremely useful on the list. Although the request for a digital camera to replace our old, nearly dead one is pretty good too.

Both machines are great, I know that. We make a lot of smoothies around here. That was when I noticed the crack, in fact. That’s the main function, although if we get a new machine I’m going to have to start looking at more things I can do with it.

I like the Blendtec’s shorter height. The Vitamix we have now has been seriously annoying me with how I can’t get it under the cabinets with the lid on.

While the Blendtec technically has the higher power motor, its maximum RPMs are less.

Both offer BPA free containers, which is great!

The Blendtec offers preprogrammed settings. I don’t particularly need that, as I’ve never found operating my Vitamix’s controls to be an onerous chore. Matter of fact, it’s sometimes nice having that kind of control.

I guess all this means I won’t be upset with either. For that matter, if someone gets us a different brand, hey, it’s a blender. Avoid the BPA and make sure it’s strong enough to make lots of smoothies, please. So long as I have that I’ll be happy.