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Buying Cloth Diapers at Last

Here I am, in the final stretch. 8 months pregnant. Time to get those cloth diapers I keep wanting.

bumgenius 3.0

We’re keeping it simple at first; just a 3 pack of bumGenius 3.0 diapers. I want to try them out before committing to a full supply, just in case it turns out that some other brand actually works out better for me. It’s such a switch from before I’m feeling probably more cautious than I need to be.

My husband and I are pretty excited about this, if a little doubtful about how certain family members will view it at first. But I just look at all the reviews explaining how easy it all is, and I feel much reassured.

If nothing else, the cash savings should catch his parents’ attention. They’re not green most ways, but they certainly respect trying to save money.

I’m also getting cloth wipes. They’ll be an interesting switch from the convenience of disposable wipes, but as I pointed out to my husband, once you have cloth diapers, cloth wipes are sensible too. They all fit into the same load of laundry.