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Donate Old Clothes and Other Reusable Goods – Green Step by Step

So you don’t have a use for those old clothes or other stuff around the house, but they’re in good enough condition that someone else could use them, send them off to your favorite charity.

This is especially true for clothing. Clothes that are still in excellent condition can be resold. But charities may also take clothes that aren’t in such good shape and turn them into cleaning rags. You can do that around the house too, just be sure that they really have reached the end of their life span as clothing.

You may also be able to find people in your area who enjoy doing crafts and need old clothes to make rugs and such.

Another option would be to hold a garage sale and sell the stuff yourself.

Non-clothing goods can be more difficult, especially if you’re talking electronic goods. Look around for a good electronics recycling program.

Don’t forget to consider reused items when shopping for yourself. Thrift stores can have amazing deals on really wonderful clothing. So much more affordable than going to department or specialty stores.

Working My Postpartum Wardrobe

Can it be? Am I really more than 5 weeks postpartum? It can’t have been that long.

But it is. Baby Selene is growing so fast. Now if I could just fit into my old clothes.

I know, I know, it will be a while. I’m just really looking forward to having a wider selection to choose from. I really do not want to spend money on clothes that I’m planning on shrinking out of soon.

No, I’m not particularly stressed about my weight or figure as such. I’m mostly interested in not shopping.

I’ve been working hard on not buying anything for now. I’m not wearing any of my maternity pants anymore because they were all the low rise variety, and ride right along my C-section scar. Does not feel good!

I know I could head on out to the thrift store and find some clothes that would get me through the transition without getting anything brand new. Much, much better than my mother-in-law’s suggestion that I head out to Walmart and get some cheap stuff there. I’ve been wearing skirts every day, including my Renaissance Faire skirt, and she just can’t stand it. After all, I HAVE to have shorts for summer, right? So she insists.

But in addition to trying to be green, we’re trying to save a lot of money right now. That means that if I can get by without it, I am. And with all the laundry a newborn baby can generate, plus two older kids, it’s not hard at all to keep my skirts clean and in rotation, even though I only have 3 that I can get into.

I know the urge to get away from maternity clothes all too well. It’s nice being able to dress somewhat normally, even if things aren’t fitting quite the way they ought to. But I think I will save my clothing budget for when I’m at a more stable size.

Cold Water Laundry

Goodness I do a lot of laundry. That’s how it goes with small children, especially with one still wetting the bed despite diapers.

We’ve been washing our clothes in cold water for years. That’s almost always sufficient, and I’ve never even tried a “cold water detergent.” The regular stuff works just fine.

You can get some great laundry tips on the U.S. Department of Energy’s site. I’m not surprised to see that they neglect to mention line drying clothes at this point, but the rest of the advice is good.

Almost everything I wash comes out fine, as I said, with a cold water wash. Those things that don’t I try a couple things.

Dawn Dish Soap

Great for removing grease related stains. It may take an hour or two, but for tough stains I’ve left it on overnight. Clothes that otherwise appeared ruined come clean.

Baking Soda and White Vinegar

Rub baking soda into the stain. Spray or pour white vinegar. It will bubble up and work on the stain. This works well on carpet stains too.

Not every stain is going to come out. I think that’s one of the big lessons of motherhood. Kids are really good at ruining the appearance of their clothes, sometimes in a single wearing. To me that just means you maintain a playtime wardrobe. Children really don’t care, as a rule, if their clothes are stained or torn if they’re comfortable and allowed to have fun.