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Cleaning With Dawn and Vinegar

Cleaning With Dawn and Vinegar

When it comes to cleaning bathtubs and showers, Dawn and vinegar are a favorite of mine. I first saw it on Pinterest some time ago, and finally got around to trying it. Wonderful stuff and really easy to make. Dawn, vinegar, a spray bottle and a scrubber is all you need. Oh, and some time.

Some people heat their vinegar, but I get good results with it cool. That’s nice, as I don’t usually go through the entire amount made in one shot. I mean come on now, who does? If you need an extra boost in your cleaning, heat the vinegar in the microwave first, but don’t get it dangerously hot. You have to pour the stuff into a bottle after all.

I use about two thirds vinegar, one third Dawn. Most recipes say half and half, but I think that’s way too much Dawn. You could probably get away with a quarter Dawn if you wanted.

Pouring the vinegar into the spray bottle is much easier with a funnel. You don’t have to use a funnel if your hands are that steady, but mine aren’t. I use the funnel.

Prepare yourself for some uncomfortable breathing. This stuff works wonders, but the spray makes breathing somewhat miserable. Your eyes will probably sting too. Once you’ve sprayed everything down, leave it alone for an hour or two. You’ll be glad to get away from it.

Come back when you’re ready to scrub with a sponge. The air will be much clearer, and this step isn’t nearly so annoying as spraying the stuff. It’s just all the bits that are in the air as you spray that cause the earlier trouble.

Most of the dirt should practically slide off. I still have trouble with hard water spots on the shower glass, but the dirt goes with little effort. It’s wonderful, and to me worth the few minutes discomfort earlier on. Would the heated vinegar version do better? Possibly.

Can you do this with plain vinegar, to be more eco friendly? Sort of. Vinegar cleans pretty well, but you will have to scrub more. I love cleaning with plain vinegar, but scrubbing anything while on my hands and knees is much better minimized. The Dawn seems to help keep the vinegar in place to do its work, plus its own contribution to cleaning.