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Plastic Wrapped Bananas? Say What?

Yeah, sure, that makes sense. Wrap a banana in plastic and say it’s green because it keeps them fresh longer.

I’m not sure I have words for the idiocy.

I suppose on a business level there’s a certain degree of brilliance. Apparently they’re going to cost about $1 per individually wrapped banana, compared to maybe $0.20 or less per banana if you buy them in a bunch.

The keeping them fresh longer as green line I just don’t buy. Can’t possibly make up for the wasted plastic. Besides, that’s what banana bread was invented for! It’s easy to use up overripe bananas if you want to.

Last I checked, bananas have a fabulous natural wrapper. It decomposes beautifully in the garden. It keeps the part you eat fresh and clean until you’re ready to eat the banana.

It never ceases to amaze me how anything can be greenwashed into an eco friendly perspective if the marketing department tries hard enough.