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Be an Eco-Consultant with Green Irene

I heard recently from a consultant with Green Irene about their home business opportunities. It sounds like a possible match for those who want to start a green home business, so I thought I’d share it here.

The concept is pretty simple. Lots of people want to go green, but not everyone really knows how. Green Irene Eco-Consultants help people learn how. You would go to people’s houses and help them learn about the changes they can make to save energy, conserve water, have cleaner indoor air, teach about possible tax credits, locally available green power sources and more.

Not a bad use of the knowledge you’ve been gaining to help your own family.

Of course, this takes a pretty outgoing personality. For the right person this is probably a lot of fun. There’s nothing like getting paid for doing something you love, and if it helps people be kinder to the environment, so much the better.

Wandering the shopping part of the site, I loved some of the ideas, such as the magnetic HVAC vent cover. My husband was just grumbling the other day that closing the vents really doesn’t do enough to cut off the air flow to the rooms that really don’t need it.

There’s quite a bit that Green Irene consultants can offer. They offer training for consultants also, so that you can be ready to really show your stuff.

It’s not the cheapest of opportunities to join. $150 for the initial training and business set up. $300 for your demo kit. $25 a quarter membership. Plus whatever costs you incur for advertising and such, but that goes through third parties, however you choose to handle it.

Remember that this is a home business, not a job, and expenses are to be expected. These really don’t sound all that unreasonable to me. Certainly cheaper than some other options. But it’s enough you will really want to think and be dedicated to making your business succeed. You get 80% commission on consulting services and 20% on product sales, which isn’t too bad. Having multiple ways to earn money is never a bad thing, no matter the opportunity.

Watch a 5 minute presentation on Green Irene Eco-Consulting