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Planning My Fall Garden

Well, my summer garden was a bit of a bust. We got some tomatoes and basil, but not much else… unless you want to count some random pumpkins growing out of last year’s seeds, and what I think is millet growing from dropped birdseed. I’m guessing on that one, though.

We’re probably going to keep things simple for the fall. Just some broccoli and one variety or another of lettuce. I think after last year’s experiment with unusual varieties of lettuce, my husband is quite willing to go with something we know we like. It just didn’t really work out last year.

I’m really trying to build this habit of growing more food at home. I like knowing what goes on my food as it grows, and its great for the kids. If I grow the right stuff they snack on it quite freely.

I don’t think I’ll try for much more this year. My husband has been resisting the idea of a fall garden, but I think he knows now that I’m serious about it. Not like southern California doesn’t have amazing weather for growing food most of the year, after all.