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Green Your Personal Finances and Cut the Hassle

I don’t know about you, but I hate getting both bills and bank statements in the mail. Even when they’re relatively good news, they probably come with various ads or inserts that do nothing more than add to the recycle bin.

Not to mention, you know, having to keep track of when everything’s due. There are many other things I’d rather think about. With so many companies having websites, there are few companies where I can’t avoid getting statements in the mail.

Go Electronic!

Getting electronic statements is much nicer than getting paper ones. Sure, they still throw ads in, but they’re easier to ignore, even if you have to click past.

But my favorite part about electronic bills is that most companies will let you schedule your payments. You don’t have to remember the due date; just make sure the bill is reasonable and the funds to pay it are available in your bank account. You can have an automatic payment take care of the rest.

More and more companies are either simply stopping paper statements once you go electronic or repeatedly requesting you to go all electronic until you do so that they can stop sending paper statements. They like saving money, both in terms of not having to print and send all that paper mail, and by not having to pay people to process payments that come in through the mail.