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Ever Hear of a Moringo Tree?

I was using Stumble Upon today when I came across this article about the Moringo tree. Very interesting!

Interesting enough that my husband and I decided to buy some seeds for it.

<>Normally I like to think about local plants, but this one produces food as well as grows quickly, which really cuts down my resistance. My husband and I have agreed that as much as possible when we own our own place, decorative landscaping will be local plants, but we’ll still have a garden.

The Moringo grows quickly, which is a part of the attraction. My son’s bedroom heats up worse than any other part of our house, so something that grows quickly enough to shade it would be a huge help for our heating bills. And since it doesn’t require great soil, and apparently can grow in dry areas, we have hopes for this being a good choice for our area.

One of the catches is that it requires a lot of pruning. But if the leaves are edible, I don’t think pruning will be too big a deal.

We’ve already ordered our seeds from Seedman.com. Hopefully they’ll come quickly and within a few weeks I may have more to report.