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A Green Mother’s Day to You

Happy almost Mother’s Day to all my fellow moms out there. Here’s to a happy, fun day with your family.

Our tradition has always been a fairly simple gift for Mother’s Day. It’s not like I have a ton of material needs that aren’t being met, after all. I love the look of jewelry certainly, but I don’t particularly need or want more of it. I spent 6 years working in a jewelry store, after all. My husband figures he’s pretty lucky to be off the hook in that area.

So far, he’s just picked up some plants for the garden. That’s good enough for me.

The real trick to the day is keeping it from being too hectic. We each have our own mother to deal with, after all.

On his side of the family is the traditional get together at the bay for a picnic. Frankly I’ve always found that to be a lot more work than other ideas, but such is life. The kids love it since that means they get to play with cousins they rarely see otherwise. This is an extended family gathering, meaning any degree of relation is likely to show up, and that my side is welcome too if they’re in the mood to come over.

Then we go see my side of the family. Fortunately, going to the bay brings us close to my mother’s house anyhow, assuming she didn’t show up at the picnic herself.

It’s so nice that both sides of our family is into simple gifts these days. The main gift is considered to be simply getting together.

It’s a wonderful gift. Fairly green when family is local, and very meaningful.