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Looks Like We’re Moving

My husband has been job hunting for a while. He’s had a job, but just an adequate one.

Now he’s landed a better one, but we have to move for it, just a couple hours north of where we are now.

I’m happy and sad about it. Happy that he got a better job with room for advancement. Sad that we have to move, which means leaving friends, family and even my garden.

We’re hoping to hand the garden down to someone who will care for it. We have a few friends who have admired it, and the containers could possibly be moved. We’re also letting a few friends know in case they want to change where they’re renting. We’re also going to try potting some of the tomatoes to take along with us.

As I told my husband, we can keep in touch with friends and family, but losing the garden we’ve put so much work into really stings. Especially since we can’t start another one for the summer, although we may be able to do something for fall.

These next several weeks will be really busy for me. They want my husband to start on June 22, so he’ll be spending weeknights at my sister’s house, who lives about an hour from the new job. Better than driving 2 or more hours to get home, sleep and leave again, hardly seeing anyone.

I’ll be packing and researching places to rent while he’s gone, so that we can minimize this whole mess.

I’ll post when I can, and hope that we can get internet service quickly in the new place!

There’s still a slim chance we won’t move. If the local job he applied for wants him and calls this week, all these plans will change. Best of all, the local job might be at a location with an express bus stop practically at its front door. But for now we have to assume that we’re going.

Moving is Such a Big Decision

I have a great offer from my sister. She’s looking into buying a home, and has invited my family to live with her rent-free in exchange for keeping the house going and helping with her 13 year old daughter.

But it’s in the Bay Area.

Thing is, we just about have to move anyhow. The way things are going for me right now with my home business, we might be able to stick around here,  but maybe not. It’s really hard to say. But the option is to move in with my inlaws. I don’t know how it is for you, but for me, my sister would be significantly easier to live with than my inlaws, even though they’re wonderful people.

Moving itself certainly isn’t the greenest of activities. We did, however, save all of our boxes from our last move. Even loaned a bunch out to my sister when she moved, and they slowly wandered back to us, mostly. So at least we won’t have to buy a lot of moving supplies.

It’s also a great excuse to clean out all the JUNK that just seems to happen. Lots of excess children’s toys and such really need to go to the thrift store.

The most painful part for me is that I almost have our finances under control without moving in with somebody. ALMOST. If it weren’t for the cost of COBRA coverage, I’d have it. My inlaws have very generously been paying that, and I want to get into a situation where we can take that bill back from them.

I’m just waiting to see what my husband decides to do, since this is a big impact on his job hunting.