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Ignoring the Natural Childbirth Naysayers

I’m going to try really hard to have this baby naturally. At the hospital still… my husband is finally almost comfortable with the notion of home childbirth as a possibility with the hospital so close, but not for a VBAC.

But what amazes me is how little people who should know better know about VBAC. I had the receptionist at my pediatrician’s office surprised that VBAC is possible.

Yet it’s safer than a repeat C-section, from what I’ve read! At least in the appropriate circumstances, such as mine. I’ve delivered vaginally before, and I had a transverse C-section, rather than vertical. My OB gives me 90% odds of success.

Considering my daughter had a 95th percentile head and her fist up along side it when I pushed her out, I figure I’m quite capable of pushing anything out!

When I mention natural childbirth as my preference to other moms, they just about go nuts, or at least say I am. But I think it makes a lot of sense to at least try for it.

First of all, I did great with my daughter until they put me on pitocin. By the time they finally found the anesthesiologist to give me an epidural for the pain that caused two hours later, I almost had it under control again. But the nap the epidural allowed me to take sure helped.

Second, I want to be able to walk around, squat or do whatever I want as much as possible. Medication limits all that.

Third, I have confidence that I can do it this time. Selene’s doing great, kicking ribs and has plenty of room. I’m comfortable with the sensations I expect to be dealing with, and my husband is very supportive. He’s getting better with the terminology I need him to use, such as sensation rather than pain. Some words will be mine and mine alone to use, just to keep my support positive for me.

And the most minor reason of all… it will save us money. Not really important, and if I really NEED a C-section or medication I’m fine with that, but we pay a percentage with our insurance. If I can keep costs down, I just think that’s smart. That it would be by doing something I’d like to do anyhow is a minor bonus.

I am very determined that this will be my last pregnancy. If things go to a C-section, I’ve already signed the tubal ligation paperwork. May as well finish things off while they’re in there. If not, there are other alternatives my husband and I can go over.

My plan is to go to my mother’s house when I suspect I’m in labor, even a little bit. That puts me close to the hospital and my husband’s work. It’s a nice, comfortable place where I can get things going, almost as good as staying at home. Home being 30-45 minutes from the hospital in average traffic, worse in rush hour.

It’s been interesting educating the naysayers. I had one woman insisting that the uterine rupture risk was far higher than it is. I explained to her the different types of C-section and that the risks are very different for the two.

I’ve explained to others that it is entirely possible to control the sensations if you prepare for it and can move around until you’re comfortable. I won’t say they were converted, but that’s a bit trickier. We are very conditioned in this culture to think of the screaming woman lying down in the hospital bed. That’s not what I want or what any laboring woman needs as a visualization.