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Eating Healthy While Nauseous and Pregnant

Thank goodness I’m most of the way through my nausea in this pregnancy, at least by how the past few days have gone. It’s been getting much, much milder.

Like a lot of mothers-to-be (again), a lot of unhealthy foods get to be really tempting at times. I’m luckier in this area than some moms I know – I currently have a strong aversion to greasy food. I talked to one mom who said she could stomach nothing but McDonald’s during her last pregnancy. Just the thought… eww!

My strongest craving so far has been for cucumbers. I’m certainly not going to complain about that one, although it was heartbreaking finding out that the batch I bought one time had a serious problem with a bitter flavor in them.

More challenging are the cravings for something sweet. I generally try to analyze what it is I’m really after with those cravings. Sure a big bowl of ice cream is fun, but what is it I’m really wanting? Can I get a healthier version?

But the worst, of course, is when I’m nauseous. You know the sort, where even Saltine crackers are hard to eat. And I really loathe ginger.

My best key for this is to try to have something easy on the stomach available with every meal. Rice, for example. Sometimes the nausea starts when I’m in the middle of preparing dinner, or eating it. Yes, for me nausea is at its worst in the evening. Really, really makes me glad most of it is gone now.

I try to have something healthy I can still stomach available all the time, so if I’m hungry and nauseous, I suffer only as much as the nausea requires. Sometimes that’s a lot if the nausea beats out the hungry.