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Does It Really Matter That You’re Just One Person?

The environmental movement has a lot of fans, but you get some negativity too, especially if you post a lot about what people can do as individuals. Naysayers go on about how what really matters is what we do as a society.

That’s a good point, but it shouldn’t be a criticism of individual action. Why discourage people from doing either?

Yes, governmental action is required to get things done at the level they need to be done. Businesses need to get involved. The effort required is, quite simply, huge.

But do you really think these things will happen if they don’t see individuals doing the small stuff? I don’t.

The small stuff is what I see as motivation for the bigger things. It shows that we care, that we believe in putting forth our best efforts to protect the environment.

Businesses won’t change their practices without financial motivation, whether it comes from governmental pressures or consumers. The government won’t change without pressure from the voters.

Living even a small part of what we’re asking them to do is creating demand for these changes.

Make your small changes.

Then start campaigning for more.

Pay attention to what’s coming out from the White House. They have a page on the site now on Energy and Environment. Encourage your Representatives to push for these changes.

But still, try to live a green lifestyle. If no one is doing it, our leaders won’t feel the pressure to make changes. We can’t demand action from them if we aren’t taking it ourselves.