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All-Natural Toys for Kids

A site I’ve recently discovered is Magic Cabin. Their selection is just stunning. Their play silks come in seasonal colors. The Kraul Science-Craft Kits look like a delight. I love being able to teach my kids a touch of science in a fun way.

One of the really cool things is the Play Teepee. I love the idea! I don’t have the budget, for all these cost less than many a video game system. $239 right now for the largest size, which is 12 feet tall, and you don’t have to keep buying or renting cartridges. It may not compare to kids who really want the video games, but I know of a lot of children who would be delighted to have something they could be so creative with.

Their range is a lot of fun to go through. Travel games, connecting toys made of wood, craft felt and so on. I rarely get this kind of reaction to a store since my “I don’t need it” radar is set to high, but this is exactly the kind of stuff I want my kids to have.