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What Sunscreens Are Safe?

Here we are, at the beginning of summer. Time for some serious outdoor fun for most families, including mine.

That means time for sunscreen!

Trouble is, a lot of sunscreens have some really nasty ingredients, and skin is great for absorbing chemicals. In the long run it can really pay off to be picky about what you use.

So off to the Skin Deep database I go to find some of the safest national brand sunscreens by their standards. It’s kind of tricky sometimes to find the exact ones they have tested, as companies change these things all the time, so here are some that I could find on Amazon.

  1. California Baby SPF 30+ Everyday/Year-Round Sunscreen Lotion – 2.9 oz
  2. California Baby SPF 30+ Sunblock Stick Everyday 0.5 oz.
  3. Kiss My Face Sunscreen Spf#30 + With Oat Protein 100% Paraben Free 4 oz.
  4. Physical UV DEfense SPF 30, 3 oz
  5. Solar Sense Clear Zinc for Face – 0.5 oz