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My Husband’s Amazing Experience with Bees

My husband had a really surprising encounter with bees this weekend, just about surreal.

He was mowing the lawn when he realized that he was in the middle of a migrating bee swarm. He was using a week whacker at the time, and says the buzzing was louder than the whacker.

Fortuntately, the swarm was migrating and so not hostile at all. It took he thinks about three seconds for them all to pass him, with so many bees that he said it was like looking through fog. He doesn’t think any even bumped into him. He was just an obstacle to be avoided.

He describes the experience as scary but also spiritual. After all, how often do you have thousands of bees come that close to you?

I really wish I could have gotten a picture, but who goes out with a camera to watch someone mow the lawn? But it would have been a really amazing shot.