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Wonderful Breastfeeding Poem Video By Hollie McNish

I’ve been done with breastfeeding for a while, but I still wanted to share this video about breastfeeding. It’s been making the rounds because it makes a really great point. I was fortunate enough to be mostly supported by family and friends when I breastfed my kids, and even the ones who didn’t like it at first got used to the idea and even became supportive in time.

If you can’t see the video for any reason, there’s a transcript in its description.

I can’t imagine how awful it wold be to have to run home or to a bathroom stall to breastfeed a baby rather than just find a comfortable spot and take care of things. That never made any sense. Babies need food, and that’s the simplest and most appropriate way to handle that at the time. I’ll admit to liking it when I knew there was a women’s lounge available, but that has more to do with the more comfortable chairs than the privacy. If a bench or plastic chair was all that was available, that’s what I used, and considered myself fortunate if my baby didn’t try to overexpose me, as babies may try to do whether or not you use a cover or otherwise try to be discreet.

I wish more moms could know that kind of support when they breastfeed their children. It would really help. There are so many advantages for mother and baby to breastfeeding, why give it up unless that’s really the best path for either. Giving it up for embarrassment is my least favorite reason to give it up, but much more so the fault of the society surrounding the mother than the mother herself. We shouldn’t shame or embarrass a breastfeeding mother; we should give her the space she needs to care for her child.

An “Awwwww…” Moment – Dolphin Gets Help From Divers

I say this post on the Raw Story this weekend, and just had to share the video. A dolphin with a hook in its mouth and fishing line tangled around it approaches some divers and allows them to help it.

All in all, an amazing video and one very fortunate dolphin. Just remember that most of us are better off alerting the professionals if we see a dolphin or other aquatic mammal in need of help.