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Do Green Energy eBooks Really Deliver?

There are a number of ebooks on Clickbank and other places that talk about ways you can generate energy at home. They sound pretty good, but if you take a closer look, they have a lot of problems. The biggest problem is that they don’t deliver exactly what you’re hoping for.

Solar, Wind, Magnetic?

There are a few products out there, going on about how you can generate enough energy to run your entire home on solar, wind or magnetic energy for cheap. Matter of fact, you can build it yourself at a reasonable cost!

These schemes work well because we all want to save money on our power bills. Make it sound cheap and easy to do it in a green way, and people will go for it. They even include plans for building the product and tips on how to get parts for cheap.

Let’s start with solar. You can’t make your own solar cells. You can buy old solar cells and connect them, but they aren’t going to be good enough for what is claimed, and may not be safe to run.

Good quality solar cells are expensive, although the situation is looking better with thin film solar. You need professional installation to make sure the installation is done safely. You aren’t going to be allowed to connect your system to the grid if you don’t have a safe product correctly installed.

Wind sounds easy, but have you ever looked at a wind farm? Those towers are tall for a reason, and the blades are very long. This is necessary to generate a reasonable amount of power.

As for magnetic, they’re blinding you with terminology to hide the fact that they’re promoting a perpetual motion device. It will not keep working on its own.

Are these products good for anything?

Well, they might make interesting science fair projects for kids, but I wouldn’t be hooking the result up to my home. They also provide some reasonable tips on saving energy in your home, but you can probably find that elsewhere.

If it were really so easy to make systems that generate energy for homes, there would be entrepreneurs all over the place making these and selling them. Don’t believe in schemes to keep these things hidden. If these things are so simple, it would just take an enterprising soul to buy the books, start building the systems and home and selling them for massive profits that are still less than you’d pay for the real thing.

I’d love for green energy to be cheap and affordable. It’s not yet, and that’s the reality. We need to support the real green energy solutions so that they can be improved and made cheaper over time.