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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Turning Green as a Stay at Home Mom

Being a stay at home mom means you’re there to set a great example for your children. Wouldn’t it be nice to show them how important you consider helping our planet to be?

Admittedly, being a stay at home mom can be pretty environmentally friendly in some ways. You don’t drive to work every day or to the daycare. But in other ways it isn’t always so good.

You may regularly use harsh chemicals to clean your home, for example. Not only are these really not so good for you or your family, they aren’t so good for the planet. It’s not the kind of pollution you’d notice right off hand, but it is there.

Consider replacing some of your household cleaning chemicals with more environmentally friendly alternatives. A vinegar and water mixture can be amazingly effective as a cleanser. Continue Reading

No More Baiji

Share Just found this one out in my online wanderings. The Chinese Baiji, a freshwater dolphin appears to be extinct or in so low of numbers that they will be shortly. They had been trying to save that species, but it appears to have been a failure. The Yangtze River is just too busy for… Continue Reading