Going Down to 1 Car?

My poor old Saturn is dying. It’s the transmission, and I don’t think it’s going to hold out much longer.

I’ve told my husband I’d rather not replace it right away. We can’t afford the kind of vehicle we want, and quite honestly my personal need for a car is quite minimal. Most of my errands can be done in his car after he’s home from work. It’s maybe every couple weeks that I HAVE to have a car to take the kids to a doctor appointment or such.

So I’ve told him that I don’t want to replace it right away. Yes, I do want to replace it eventually, as he has to have a car for his job as he has to go to customer’s homes sometimes, but I would rather do it when we can buy the kind of vehicle I want.

You probably know what I mean… low emissions, great gas mileage.

I have no intention of driving it a lot no matter how good the mileage. Just don’t need to.

To make my current vehicle last as long as possible, I’ve warned my husband that I’m not driving it except when I have to. I’m going to start acting like we only have the one car whenever possible. Good practice so that I can really get a feel for the challenges.

I know I’m fortunate in that my daughter’s school is an easy walk away, the grocery store a hard one when you do it with two children. But certainly not impossible. I really see this as doable.

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