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Sunday Links 1-4-09

Here’s your Sunday Links again. I was conserving my own energy last weekend, being rather exhausted from all the holiday events.

12 Health Warnings for Parents and Kids in 2008 – Did you miss any of these?

Seven Green Time-Savers for Busy Families – Simple, yet effective for many families. Great if you’re still trying to set your green goals for the year.

EarthTalk: Which Is Greener, Dryer Sheets Or Liquid Fabric Softener? – I have to be honest here, I’ve never tended to use either dryer sheets or fabric softener. My laundry turns out just fine. I do sometimes add some baking soda or white vinegar to the load if I think something extra is needed that time.

OK Grasshopper, This Is What You SHOULD Have Done to Prepare – Ways to cope with winter… planning ahead required!

Handmade at Home: Keeping the Skills Alive – Sewing I can do. Gardening too. Canning is on the list to learn. Cooking I can do. Knitting and crocheting… I’ve been thinking more on quilting than those. Hospitality my family limits me on for family gatherings until we live in a place with more room. But the kids’ friends are always welcome.

FDA Pushing Plan to Promote Mercury-Laced Seafood Diet for Pregnant Women and Children. – Oh FDA, I loathe you so some days. There are better ways for pregnant women to get omega-3s than by eating fish without worrying about mercury.

Add Clothing and Subtract from Your Heating Bill – So simple a reminder, and very worth doing. Even when the kids grumble.

I Dream of An Earthship – Me too, Tiffany. Me too.

Dear President Obama – Don’t forget about breastfeeding – A topic near and dear to my heart, especially with my due date so near.

Hand-Me-Down Clothes in the Post Hand-Me-Down Era: Consumer Protectionism Gone Too Far? – CPSIA’s reach is insanely long. Even thrift and resale shops will be in trouble with it.

Update: New Hope For Handmade Industry in Lead Law Exceptions – On the plus side, a touch of sanity may be headed CPSIA’s way. We need to keep this up, folks!

2 Responses to Sunday Links 1-4-09

  1. I have never used them either, and my laundry is fine too. Weird how we so easily fall for marketing that declares something “necessary”. Thanks for link!