Sunday Links 1-4-09

Here’s your Sunday Links again. I was conserving my own energy last weekend, being rather exhausted from all the holiday events.

12 Health Warnings for Parents and Kids in 2008 – Did you miss any of these?

Seven Green Time-Savers for Busy Families – Simple, yet effective for many families. Great if you’re still trying to set your green goals for the year.

EarthTalk: Which Is Greener, Dryer Sheets Or Liquid Fabric Softener? – I have to be honest here, I’ve never tended to use either dryer sheets or fabric softener. My laundry turns out just fine. I do sometimes add some baking soda or white vinegar to the load if I think something extra is needed that time.

OK Grasshopper, This Is What You SHOULD Have Done to Prepare – Ways to cope with winter… planning ahead required!

Handmade at Home: Keeping the Skills Alive – Sewing I can do. Gardening too. Canning is on the list to learn. Cooking I can do. Knitting and crocheting… I’ve been thinking more on quilting than those. Hospitality my family limits me on for family gatherings until we live in a place with more room. But the kids’ friends are always welcome.

FDA Pushing Plan to Promote Mercury-Laced Seafood Diet for Pregnant Women and Children. – Oh FDA, I loathe you so some days. There are better ways for pregnant women to get omega-3s than by eating fish without worrying about mercury.

Add Clothing and Subtract from Your Heating Bill – So simple a reminder, and very worth doing. Even when the kids grumble.

I Dream of An Earthship – Me too, Tiffany. Me too.

Dear President Obama – Don’t forget about breastfeeding – A topic near and dear to my heart, especially with my due date so near.

Hand-Me-Down Clothes in the Post Hand-Me-Down Era: Consumer Protectionism Gone Too Far? – CPSIA’s reach is insanely long. Even thrift and resale shops will be in trouble with it.

Update: New Hope For Handmade Industry in Lead Law Exceptions – On the plus side, a touch of sanity may be headed CPSIA’s way. We need to keep this up, folks!

2 replies on “Sunday Links 1-4-09”

  1. David says:

    I have never used them either, and my laundry is fine too. Weird how we so easily fall for marketing that declares something “necessary”. Thanks for link!

  2. Thanks for the link! Great breastfeeding link too, thanks.

    Just published a link list for updates on HR 4040. With news in the last few days sounds like there may indeed be some sanity in there for both thrifts and all natural products at least!

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