5 Types of Eco Friendly Toys to Consider This Year

Kids love getting toys for Christmas. That’s normal, but oh, the mess of it all. And it lasts. It’s not like the toys vanish when the kids tire of them. You want toys that will last well for your children, that are made in a reasonably eco friendly manner, can be handed down or recycled, and of course are loads of fun to play with. It’s a tall order, but I think some toys succeed in hitting those points.

1. Bamboo Toys

Bamboo toys are really popular with eco friendly families. Bamboo grows really fast, making it a nicely renewable resource. Make sure the toys are painted with non-toxic paints, of course. You can find toy cars, dollhouses, games and more made from bamboo.

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2. Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are generally eco friendly too, but some more so than others. Make sure you consider the company you’re buying from and that they have a good, eco friendly reputation.

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3. Recycled Plastic Toys

While plastic is generally not eco friendly, recycled plastic is much better. There are some great toys made from recycled plastic that might not hold up so well if made from other materials, such as a plastic tea set.

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4. Solar Powered Toys

For kids interested in science or alternative energy, or parents who want to save on batteries, solar powered toys may be a good option. These are kits for kids to build their own toys, so they’re better for those who are ready to put a bit of work into a new toy.

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5. Organic Plush Toys

Plush toys are common favorites of younger children, and may be treasured as they get older. Check out some of the plush toys made from organic fabrics for some fun, cute options.

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