Antibacterial Soaps Just Not Effective

Just a quick post here. I was watching my local news when I saw them talking about how it has been shown that antibacterial soaps really are not more effective at killing germs than regular soaps. In fact, they can make bacteria more resistant.

Obviously I had to jump online so I could share this. I found an article on it from Forbes for those who want to read up on it.

But all I can think is that it was pretty obvious long ago that this was the case. Most people don’t use antibacterial products in the way that they need to be used in order to be effective. Of course they’re not effective!

Besides which, they apparently don’t contain enough triclosan to do the job.

I’m just delighted to hear this. Now if we could just more of the plain soaps more easily available. It amazes me how hard it is to get regular soaps (not antibacterial) if you look at the usual products. You just about have to go for natural products to avoid it.

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