Appreciating the Beauty Around Our New Home

Even if I don’t exactly feel comfortable with how freely water gets used around here, I have to admit that Yucaipa is a beautiful area, and I don’t mean the landscaped areas.

We have mountains. A Regional Park with camping available. Even walkable neighborhoods for evening strolls with the family.

I pretty much ignore the golf course. Honestly, they are not that attractive to me in terms of landscaping. I much prefer a more natural flow to my greenery.

We’re planning on taking advantage of a lot of this as we get more settled into the house. It will be nice to be able to do some hiking that doesn’t involve sidewalks, for example.

Even though we’ve mostly just explored our neighborhood, I can tell I’m getting a good workout too. Lots of hills in our area. I’ll be ready for it when we get some more serious time available.