Baby Selene is Here!

Yes, I had my sweet baby girl about a week and a half ago. Finally I have the energy to post about it. I’ve barely been on the computer at all lately!

She was born on January 30 by C-section. I really had hoped for a natural child birth, but as things turned out, she was breech and the C-section was the best option to go with. Such is life. I’d rather have a healthy baby than the most perfect birth plan followed.

The C-section went just fine. I even watched part as one of the lights happened to be so oriented that I could see what was going on. Didn’t tell the doctors that because I wanted to be able to see, and I figured they might move it if I said a word.

There’s something really special about seeing your baby being born, even if it is by a C-section. Thank goodness for epidurals so I didn’t have to think about what all was going on.

She’s a little thing for a full term baby, a mere 5 lb 9.7 oz and 18.5 inches long. Just a tiny bit bigger than her month preemie brother. It’s so much like holding a doll picking her up, especially since my first was 8 lb 10 oz.

I do consider there to be one advantage to that C-section, however. I had already signed the paperwork to get my tubes tied. No more birth control worries!

That was something we had planned. If I had succeeded in the VBAC I wanted, it would have been my husband’s problem, shall we say. But with a C, much simpler to have things tied off and be done with it.

No more considering hormonal birth control or other methods. I really am delighted about that even with the occasional “OMG I will never have another baby” twinge. I know I don’t want or need more children.

She’s great at breastfeeding. In less than a week she put back much of her birth weight, despite having lost close to 10% of it while we were in the hospital. Considering how low her weight is, that was a real relief to me.

She sleeps. I mean really sleeps. Wakes up once a night already. Once in a while twice in the night, but she’s my first good sleeper. Since she’s growing so well I really don’t mind.

Bit by bit I’m feeling better myself.  I really detest incision pain, and I’ve been lucky enough to have tons of help from family. But I’ve been feeling the urge to get some work done again while Selene naps beside me, so here I am.

8 replies on “Baby Selene is Here!”

  1. crunchy says:

    Oh she is gorgeous!!!!!

  2. Anita Kaiser says:

    Congrats – enjoy your fabulous babymoon! Love that precious newborn smell and how sweetly they grab onto your fingers……….Cheers!

  3. Diana says:

    Congratulations!!!!! What a beautiful name you have chosen for her.

  4. So adorable and sweet, congratulations! I’m so happy for you that the VBAC went smoothly and your breastfeeding is going well. Seems like you have such a healthy attitude and your little darling is healthy and getting all your good mama nutrients and anti-bodies, so important. And look at you back blogging already! You must be doing well. (But don’t forget to rest, lol!) Enjoy your time!

  5. Oops I meant to say cesarean, not VBAC! Happy the cesarean went smoothly, despite your initial plans for VBAC. I know you had wanted to try the VBAC but it sounds like all turned out well in the end! Be well!

  6. Miss Ash says:

    She’s beautiful! Congratulations!

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