Coping with the Easter Excess

Wow. I didn’t think my kids were going to end up with quite so much chocolate this year, but boy did they ever!

We had bought the smaller chocolate bunnies for them, as did my inlaws, but my mom decided to have fun this year and got big ones. They’re some pretty serious (low quality) chocolate. Never did like Palmer’s chocolate, even as a kid. I flat out refuse to buy it on my own. But the kids of course are quite impressed and will no doubt enjoy it well enough.

Add in some Peeps, jelly beans and chocolate eggs, and we’ll be dealing with an overage for months.

That’s how I always handle Easter candy. It takes months to get through it all. The kids get to have some fun eating more of it than usual early on, but afterward they’re limited to a couple smallish pieces a day.

Then there’s all the other JUNK! Fortunately, aside from the candy there’s not much non-craft stuff we gave them. The plastic eggs are from previous years, and will be saved for future years. Ditto the baskets. We haven’t had to buy the basics like that for some time now.

We did end up with more plastic eggs this year, though. My daughter’s class had an egg hunt.

As with any holiday, it’s best to find your balance between buying and reusing. The more you can keep the buying to things that are organic, fair trade, local or needed, the better, but the more you can reuse, better yet.

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