Should You Worry About Dirty Reusable Bags?

There was a report in the news the other day about the bacteria that are found in most reusable shopping bags. It seems that 97% of users never wash their reusable bags, and so coliform bacteria are found in most of them.

Sounds bad, right?  You don’t want dangerous bacteria growing on your food. The solution, at least, is simple.

Wash your reusable bags!

That’s it. Problem solved.

If you aren’t certain that your reusable bags will be safe in the dryer, just line dry them. Inside out in the sunlight is probably a good choice.

It’s a small addition to your laundry routine, and worth the trouble to ensure that you don’t get a problematic level of bacteria growing in your bags or contaminating your food.

Once they’re clean, put them back in your car, your purse, by the door or wherever helps you to remember to bring your own bags.

And don’t worry too much about the germs. The presence of bacteria doesn’t mean that there are enough to make you sick. The main time you should think about it is if you carry raw meat or poultry in your bag. Wash it after, and you should be fine.