Do You Get Involved in Green Community Efforts?

Going green isn’t just about you and your family. That’s just the first step.

Next comes green community efforts. You can really spread out your impact if you focus on more than just your home and family.

This is something I’ve not had time to do, aside from running this site, which is a mix of business and encouraging people to go green. It is tough to raise young children, work from home and get involved… especially with only one car. At least in the local community.

Local efforts can be wonderful things. And they aren’t so hard to find as they might have once been. You can search on Google or your favorite search engine for green organizations in your area.

There can be beach cleanup in the summer, groups that discuss about more ways you can go green, Sierra Club meetings, and so forth.

Online efforts aren’t a bad thing either. You can get involved in grassroots efforts online as well as in person, writing to your Representatives and bringing attention to things that matter to you.

I consider my own involvement to be a small thing, something appropriate to the amount of free time I have right now. Through the years, as my children grow, getting more involved will be a great way to show them just how important I believe our environment to be.