Earth Day on Other Blogs

Since I don’t have any particular plans for Earth Day, I thought I’d take a look at what other blogs are suggesting. Perhaps it will inspire me or one of my readers.

Environmental Graffiti suggests Five Fun Things to Do For Earth Day. Well, the coffee one would be easy for me. I’m one of those people who doesn’t drink it. Oops, I guess that means it doesn’t count!

Crunchy Domestic Goddess has some ideas for Making Earth Day a Family Day. I like her suggestion about water consumption, as that’s already been a topic of discussion in my home. The city we live in is doing a really big push to get everyone to cut back their consumption by at least 20 gallons a day.

TreeHugger is noting that even the comics are going green for Earth Day. Take a look, enjoy the laughs.

The Good Human wants us to Make This EarthDay A Real Earth Day. He suggests things as simple as not buying anything. I can handle that one easy.

NatureMoms Blog is having a Gorgeously Green – Earth Week Giveaway. You can get a copy of Gorgeously Green: 8 Steps to an Earth Friendly Life just by commenting on her blog.

Groovy Green also has a giveaway. Theirs is the Filter For Good Earth Day Giveaway. You can win a Brita faucet filtration system and a Nalgene bottle. It’s to promote the website.

Crafting a Green World has some suggestions in their post Happy Earth Day Eve. There are plenty of ideas for those who feel the urge to get creative.

Even NASA’s going green for Earth Day. While launching rockets is messy to say the least, if it weren’t for NASA we wouldn’t know nearly as much as we do about our planet and what’s happening to it. Despite it all, I’m still a fan. Blame my dad. He tried for years to get into the astronaut program. It pretty much rubbed off on me.

The Mother Load is celebrating Earth Day by discussing some of the changes her family has made. Have you taken all these steps yet?

Of course, there’s a lot more going on. Care to share posts you’ve made about Earth Day?