Easy Floor Cleaner

Cleaning floors is not one of my favorite things. Somehow my kids always manage to make it just a little pointless, generally by getting particularly dirty in the back yard later that day or the next, and tracking in tons of dirt, chalk and/or mud. They’re talented that way. And I love it.

They’re some of the big reason why I love making my own floor cleaner rather than buying it. No nasty chemicals, cheap, and I can even make my kids use it if they mess things up too quickly.

Here’s my basic formula for tile. Just as easy as mixing something bought at the store.

Basic Vinegar Floor Cleaner

Add about a half cup of white vinegar per gallon of water. My husband hates the smell of vinegar, so I add a bit of lavender essential oil to cut the vinegar scent until it dries. Mop as usual.

This mix is generally safe for tile and wood floors; just make sure that you don’t get the wood excessively wet. Your mop should be just damp. Some people like to add some vegetable oil to give wood floors a bit more of a shine.

2 replies on “Easy Floor Cleaner”

  1. Onna says:

    Stephanie-what a great idea!! I will have to try that-never thought of adding the lavender to it!! My husband hates the smell too!!

    I left an award on my blog for you.

  2. Stephanie says:

    It’s amazing how simple it is sometimes to make something like the smell of vinegar less objectionable. Not like the smell lingers that much anyhow.

    And thanks for the award!

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