Enjoying My Clothesline More and More

The weather has continued here so warm, and my energy level has been picking up some again. Add in the nightly bed wetting phase my son is going through right now, and my clothesline is really getting some use at last.


We had been just drying the sheets and mattress protector outside, but I’ve found that if I try I can fit a whole load on there, even with the sheets taking a lot of room, so that’s what we’re doing now.

It’s really not that hard to do, even if the weather out is 90+ degrees still. A little time consuming, but I’ve already warned my husband that I probably want a second line hung soon. It’s southern California, after all, which means the weather is perfect for drying clothes outside much of the time.

I also figure this will help to ensure that smells have a hard time building up. Washing does quite well, but I trust the sun quite a bit.

I had to smile when my daughter asked me when I’d gotten the laundry basket. It’s been sitting unused in the garage since we moved in here, a relic of when my husband and I lived in an apartment and had to carry loads to the laundry room. I don’t bother with one when I can just pick up anything I drop.

Going outside makes the laundry basket make sense again. Don’t want my clean clothes on those dratted wood chips. Bad enough getting splinters in my feet. Don’t need them elsewhere.

My husband has been teasing me that I could just start using the bathtub and the antique wash board we got from my grandma. He knows I have no interest in adding that much labor to the job, although I gather it’s quite the arm workout. Still not going to happen. Fun to not take everything seriously in life.

5 replies on “Enjoying My Clothesline More and More”

  1. Such a good mom, Stephanie . . . you are giving your daughter the gift of helping you out with hanging the laundry. I still remember when I did that as a little girl with my mother.

    Thanks for stopping by La Marguerite. Loved your comment.

    Today, I am chasing vampires . . .


  2. That sounds so lovely. We use our line for diapers and I too have been yearning to do full loads on the line. The weather has been so unpredictable lately though that I keep ending up with wet clothes at the end of the day due to cloudy skies! (Perhaps if I hung them up sooner that would help!)

    Thanks for the inspiration, and for visiting earlier! Look forward to more conversations.

  3. Kisha says:

    I love my clothesline. I don’t have a dryer so using a clothesline is the only way for me to dry clothes. My daughter gets to play while I put clothes in the washer, hang clothes up and relax.

  4. Lori says:

    I’m with you! My husband put up a clothesline this summer and I have to say it has been great. We saw about a $20 decrease in our electric bill last month, my husband does more of the laundry, and my kids love running through the clothes. I’m new here, but enjoying your blog!

  5. Ash says:

    Nicely done! We have great Danes and live in Colorado… the clothesline option doesn’t work terribly well for us… trying to find other ways to make up for it!!!

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