Fighting the Flu

Or something along those lines. My poor daughter started out with a 10.35 degree temperature during her class’s Valentine’s Day party last week, and kept the fever up all weekend anytime the Tylenol wore off. Finally developed an ear infection (her first!) Sunday night, and the antibiotics the doctor prescribed certainly did the trick. She was much perkier the next day.

But I do so hate having to use antibiotics. On the other hand, it’s harder yet hearing her constantly crying because her ear hurts so much, not to mention the general body aches from this bug.

Which I’ve been dealing with this week. Not a lot of other symptoms for me, certainly not the fevers my daughter had, but I’m just constantly exhausted right now.

Sick times with my kids are a great reminder of the wonderful parts of being a stay at home mom. I spent hours just snuggling my kids because it was one of the few things that made them feel better. I’d had a lot of work planned, and had really wanted to keep to that schedule since we need the money now that my husband has been laid off, but priorities are priorities.