Is the Final Harry Potter Novel Green?

I’ve seen a lot of discussion about the final Harry Potter novel. Apparently there was some effort to use recycled paper in its production.

In Canada, the entire release was printed on recycled paper. Conservation groups are recommending that people order it from Canada in order to benefit from this.

Scholastic, the printer in the United States, does not disclose how much recycled paper they use. However, they do say they only use fiber not made from ancient forests for all their publications, and that they use some recycled paper.
I haven’t bought the latest Harry Potter; in fact, I think I own one of them. For most books I like to avoid hardcover. There are few books I reread enough to make hardcover worthwhile.

But the question here relates to which would you rather buy? The Canadian, recycled paper version or the U.S. printed one that is printed on what Scholastic uses regularly, but is more easily available. You probably won’t even have to have it shipped, unless you buy from Amazon or another online book seller.

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